I forgot the coupon code, can you apply it? 

Sorry we can't apply coupons to orders already placed.  Please be sure that the coupon you are trying to use has been applied to your order before you check out.  If you have any questions about a coupon you are trying to use please contact us before you place your order.

Can I use more than one coupon?

Sorry but you can only use one coupon per order.

What do the order statuses mean?

Payment Authorization Accepted: We have received your order but have not processed the payment yet.

Payment Accepted: We accepted your payment for your order. 

Processing: We have printed your order and have begun to make your item.

 Shipped: Your order has shipped and will be arriving in 1-7 days depending on the shipping method chose at checkout.

Canceled or added to another order:  We have either denied and canceled your order, or we added it to one of your other orders if you placed multiple orders.

Refunded:  You were given a refund, please allow 2-14 days for the refund to show in your account.

Awaiting customer response: We are waiting for your to respond about your order.  There may be a problem with your order.


Can I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel your order please contact us ASAP.  As long as we have not begun the item processing we can cancel your order. Please note that due to our items being made to order and personalized that once the processing of you items has begun we can not cancel or refund your order.